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Framo is a world-leading supplier of pumping solutions for cargo tankers and the offshore oil and gas industry. These industries require extreme performance, reliability, and safety. Now, we can support the same requirements in fish farming.

Through many years of collaboration with Norwegian fish farmers, we have developed functional and reliable solutions for the fish farming industry. Including complete solutions for closed and semi-closed facilities, these solutions handle water supply, water quality, management, and discharging of sludge.

As a system provider, Framo also delivers a control system with the pumps. We have limitless capacity control with local frequency converters, central steering units that can be connected to other steering systems, as well as a remote control.

What you should know about Framo AquaStream 


Framo AquaStream is a complete pumping system for fish farms with lice skirts.

The integrated system comes with:
- SR2000 flow generator
- 20 meter cloth funnel with nozzle tower
- Strainer
- Floats with a winh and a feed spreader
- Control system

SR2000 is a permanent magnetic motor, rim-driven flow generator specifically developed for pumping large volumes of water in systems with low back pressure. The efficient pump features water-lubricated bearings. There is no oil in the system and the motor has neither gears nor shafts. Typical capacities range from 2.8 to 5.6 m3 per second.


  Technical data:

  ◦ Waterflow (m3 /h) :  15.000
◦ Power (kW) : 15
◦ Material :  Stainless steel pump
◦ Weight (kg) : Totalt 1500
◦ Shipping dimention : Ø 2000 mm x 3 m
◦ Product dimention in operation: Ø 2000 mm x 20 m

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