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Preventive measures, condition based maintenance and integrated operations

There are many, continuously developing approaches for maintenance. Framo focuses on training, inspection and integrated operations to reduce maintenance cost and increase the reliability of our pump systems.


At Framo’s main service centre, we have developed a training centre with classrooms, a pump assembly and disassembly workshop, as well as a pump operation area. We strongly believe that proper theoretical and practical training ensures the correct use of our pumps to reducing maintenance and increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

Annual inspections

Framo’s Annual Inspections include a complete survey of the Framo pump system. It is designed to document the condition of the pump system and identifies any malfunctions, inconsistencies and potential improvements. The inspection is performed according to set procedures and check lists, and it results in a detailed report on the status of the pump system.

Integrated operations and condition-based maintenance

Framo pump systems are process critical, and optimum performance is required at all times. To ensure this, our pump systems can be remotely monitored 24/7 from an operations centre. Data from the pumps can be evaluated in real-time regardless of installation location, and the information provided can be accessed through secure channels. Relevant information is only a click away.

By monitoring the equipment remotely, the condition can be continuously assessed by our specialists and necessary maintenance can be planned accordingly. In this way, the assets can be utilized as effectively as possible with minimal downtime due to unnecessary scheduled maintenance. This allows you to focus on increasing the output of your production.

Condition-based maintenance also increases the flexibility of the service, as the areas requiring maintenance are determined ahead of intervention. This enables opportunity-based maintenance to be carried out.


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