Framo Aquaculture pumping solutions

Framo is the global leader in pumping solutions for cargo tankers and the offshore oil and gas industry. For over half a century, our unique technology has delivered safe and dependable performance to industries where these demands are crucial. Today we are bringing the world’s most trusted pumping solutions to support those same requirements within aquaculture.

All Framo products and solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers. We work with you to better understand your unique business challenges, preferences and needs, and meet them with innovative technology and decades of industry expertise.


The Framo pumps for aquaculture:

  • Framo's SR2000: a permanent magnetic motor, rim-driven flow generator specifically developed for pumping large volumes of water in systems with low back pressure. The efficient pump features water-lubricated bearings. There is no oil in the system and the motor has neither gears nor shafts. Typical capacities range from 2.8 to 5.6 m3 per second.
  • Framo’s SEA315: a submersible caisson pump used as a circulation pump, feed pump, waste pump and in a number of other applications. The SEA315 is the latest development in Framo’s SEA series, which we first delivered to the aquaculture industry in the 1980s. Typical capacities range between 500 m3/h to 5000  m3/h.
  • Framo AquaStream: a complete pumping system for fish farms with lice skirts. The integrated systems comes with the SR2000 flow generator, cloth tunnel with nozzle tower, strainers and floats.