May 26 2023

Statsbygg has chosen Framo's pumping systems

The delivery includes 96 pumps that will pump huge amounts of water to create ocean currents in the basin at the research facility.
May 26 2023

Statsbygg velger Framos pumpesystemer

Leveransen omfatter 96 pumper som skal pumpe enorme mengder vann for å skape havstrømmer i havbassenget ved forskningsanlegget.
May 02 2023

Yinson Production places first order for Framo’s Submerged Turbine

By utilising Framo's Submerged Turbine technology for regenerating energy from the waste cooling water, Yinson Production will reduce its carbon footprint, cut CO2 taxes, and enable increased gas exports.
Apr 19 2023

Framo wins OTC Spotlight on New Technology award

OTC has recognized Framo’s Submerged Turbine technology with its Spotlight on New Technology award.
Nov 29 2022

Framo Aquaculture skaper ny næring i slam

Hos Framo Aquaculture renner kontraktene inn på LiftUP slamsystemer. Leveransene til oppdrettsbransjen har vært mye større enn forventet.
Nov 09 2022

Optimaliserer laksens forhold i merden

Lanserer nytt merdkonsept i kampen mot lakselus.
Sep 29 2022

Helping customers go green

Innovative, sustainable development is at the core of everything we do in Framo. By 2030, Framo will be climate neutral.
Sep 05 2022

Legger grunnlag for et godt arbeidsmiljø

Hver høst er Framo like spent som lde nye lærlingene, som skal bli en del av Framo-gjengen. Å bygge lag, er viktig for et godt miljø på arbeidsplassen.
Aug 19 2022

More a lifestyle than a job

More than 50 service engineers travel from Bergen to locations around the world, with the Framo logo on their back and the customer in focus.
Aug 17 2022

Pant med mening

For 15. året har Frivillighetsentralen i Fusa hentet flaskepant på Framo-fabrikken.
Jul 25 2022

Taking precision to new heights

The new pipe stack machine at Framo Fusa takes automation and precision to a new level.
Jul 21 2022

Nine simple rules to prevent loss of life

Framo is committed to health, safety and quality assurance. The goal is to stay safe at work every day.
Jul 18 2022

Framo with own TV studio

Digital solutions have rocketed during the pandemic. Framo Training Centre has its own TV studio to offer high quality online courses for our customers.
Jul 12 2022

World Youth Skills Day

At Framo, our talented apprentices are a recruitment of future expertise to the company.
Jul 11 2022

Bigger,quicker and better!

The new CNC machines at Flatøy are the largest ones in Framo, and they provide bigger, quicker and better deliveries to our customers.
Jul 08 2022

Framo supporting energy pioneers

They are young, creative, and increasingly knowledgeable. This week the team has once again been tested in the Shell Eco Marathon 2022. Meet the fuel fighters at NTNU!
Jul 05 2022

Celebrating 40 years in Singapore

The 5th of July Framo Singapore celebrates 40 years in the world leading shipping hub.
Jun 22 2022

Viking Aqua inngår partneskap med Framo

Viking Aqua AS og Framo AS har signert en partnerskapsavtale for å utvikle pumpe- og vannstrømsteknologi for landbasert oppdrettsanlegg.
Jun 20 2022

Shell recognition for quality and safety excellence

Shell has awarded Jeanett K. Flatøy at Framo Flatøy, a Quality Recognition Award for her contribution in the HSEQ work at the Ormen Lange project.
Jun 15 2022

Awarded as best student

Best student of the year, first female winner and she is on a student contract with Framo.