Taking precision to new heights

The new pipe stack machine at Framo Fusa takes automation and precision to a new level.

–Framo’s core philosophy is that all production engineering equipment should have automation capabilities enabling operation without the need for monitoring. When the old pipe stack machine was ready for replacement, it was time to act. A direct replacement was not an option, and we have put in time and effort to establish what is possible to achieve. Hence, the new pipe stack machine is a major step forward in terms of automation of our production facilities, says Thomas Veivåg – manager of production engineering machining, and assembly at Framo Fusa.

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Thomas Veivæg      Kjell Skaar, Operator 

Comprehensive work

Getting the new machine in place and making it operational has meant comprehensive and complex work. The CNC machine that machines the pipe stacks has been purchased. Everything else has been designed and built by the engineering department, in close dialogue with the production department. This includes two portal robots, measuring track, fixtures and measuring units that move the parts into the machine and ensure that the length is correct.

Precision and quality

– We purchase what we can and construct what we have to, says Veivåg. 

Production Manager Vidar Dale describes the new machine as a major step forward with regard to precision and quality.

– A pump without a good pipe stack is not a good pump. The pipe stacks have always been of high quality, and with the new machine we get high quality using automation, says Dale.

The aim is to have higher capacity and more efficient production utilizing unmanned machining. The machine will continue to work after the operator has gone home.

Improved safety

Less operator involvement improves the safety of the production environment, and the risk of personal injuries is significantly reduced.

– The machining environment is now protected, well ventilated, and less noisy. Furthermore, we have improved the building where the machine is placed with led lights and new surfaces, says Dale.

The production engineering’s work is always a collaboration between the technical department, the production department, and our department. This ensures the best outcome in the production of high-quality pumps.

– This tripartite cooperation is crucial. All departments are involved from the initial design phase to ensure that the products are developed with production efficiency and automation in design. We have excellent dialogue, and that is important, says Veivåg.