Helping customers go green

Innovative, sustainable development is at the core of everything we do in Framo. By 2030, Framo will be climate neutral.

“Sustainability is at the core of both Framo’s operations and plans — whether it is to reduce the footprint from production, contribute through systems and machines to a more energy-friendly working day or in skills development”, says Martijn Bergink, CEO in Framo.

“By 2030, Framo and, our parent company, Alfa Laval will be climate neutral”,

Since the early 2000s, Framo has especially focused on the production footprint.

“We are conscious of the carbon footprint of our factories and workshops. For more than 15 years, Framo has worked to limit our footprint by only using green electricity from Norwegian hydropower during production. And we also focus on recycling, our workshops have achieved a material recycling rate of 87%”, says Bergink.

Continuous improvements

Framo strives to help our partners in their sustainability journey as they work towards becoming carbon neutral. At the Framo factory, improvements are constantly being made that will benefit the customers.

The Framo production premises are located at the water’s edge, enabling most deliveries to be transported directly by ship.

Every week the pump supplier ship pumping solutions all over the world.

The Framo cargo pump was made to perform. Its robust construction and design innovations make it the best solution to efficiently empty any cargo tank containing the heaviest, viscous, or aggressive cargoes. The Framo cargo pumping system provides full flexibility so that all cargo pumps can be run and controlled individually, at the same time. The efficient and flexible pumps mean high vessel utilization, quick cargo unloading, efficient stripping, and less slop treatment.

“Best is not good enough at Framo. We never settle. We always try to find better ways and better solutions for the ultimate cargo pumping system. Framo will continue to drive cargo pumping innovation for the years to come. Especially to help our customers go greener”, Martijn Bergink concludes.