Shell recognition for quality and safety excellence

Shell has awarded Jeanett K. Flatøy at Framo Flatøy, a Quality Recognition Award for her contribution in the HSEQ work at the Ormen Lange project.

This week the Shell Ormen Lange Phase 3 Owners Team awarded Jeanett Knappskog Flatøy a Quality Recognition Award for her fantastic work during the QHSSE forum and the recent workshop on NCR improvements.

"It is a team effort from Framo leading to this award. Even though I have been able to stand in the lead and shine, it’s the work in the team at Flatøy that has given us this recognition", says Jeanett K. Flatøy, HSE & Quality Manager at Framo Flatøy.

As a supplier to the Ormen Lange project, the end customer Shell has a strong focus on HSE and quality. Quality is essential to achieve safe and competitive outcomes, and Jeanett K. Flatøy’s efforts has showcased the right quality behaviors and performance.

The award states that:
“Jeanett Flatøy has role modelled a Learner Mindset through the follow up of NonConformances, ensuring that Human Errors are handled appropriately, and actions are taken to prevent re-occurrence to avoid poor costs of Quality. Her presentations at the OLP3 quarterly QHSSE forum were an inspiration!".

"We are proud to be recognized by Shell for our strong focus on health & safety in Alfa Laval", says Sameer Kalra, Head of Marine Division.

Autumn 2020, Framo became involved with meeting on Teams and giving a virtual tour focusing on HSE. Since then, Framo has participated in the quarterly leadership commitment forum focusing on quality and HSE.

"There has been an enormous focus on quality and safety in this project. The strong focus from customers sharpens us. At the same time, the work of the HSEQ department also becomes more visible - and not least, the importance of this work emerges", says Jeanett K. Flatøy.

Several meetings in the QHSEE leadership forum have been at the Framo Flatøy location. At the last forum meeting, Flatøy had a quality-focused presentation and a practical quality focused workshop tour with the partners of the Ormen Lange project; Shell, OneSubsea, Equinor, VårEnergi, PGNiG, Nexans, Subsea7, Van Oord, Aker Solutions and Petoro.

The work does not end either. By the autumn, Jeanett K. Flatøy will have a new presentation for the project in Nyhamna process plant. Quality Awards are often given when a team has consistently met a series of set standards, exceeded a certain level, or met that level for a certain length of time.

"The award is thanks for the great work to date and I look forward to continue working with Jeanett K. Flatøy, Framo and OSS to deliver the OLP3 No Defects vision", says Matthew Qualye, project Quality & Assurance Lead – Ormen Lange Phase 3 in Norske Shell.