Land based storage

Safe and secure handling of underground storage

Underground storage of crude oil, natural gas and oil products is an increasingly attractive means of securing an energy supply. Having delivered submersible pumps to cavern applications since the 1970s, Framo can provide a hydraulic or electric pumping concept for any storage.

Performance that runs deep

Four decades ago, we supplied the first Framo hydraulic cavern pumping system to Norway’s Mongstad refinery. Since then we’ve delivered over 200 hydraulic and cable-free electric submersible cavern pumps worldwide. Among them are the twelve largest electric submersible pumps in the world, each with a capacity of 5000 m3/h, which have been operating at Mongstad crude oil
terminal since 1987.

The sheer dimensions of underground storage caverns make large pump capacities a must.

But pump reliability is equally important, as is the ability to operate in the cavern’s potentially explosive atmosphere. Framo submersible pumps meet all of these requirements and offer major advantages for cavern facilities.

In fact, Framo is one of the few pump suppliers in the world with strong capabilities in cavern pumping. With our experience in the application and our high level of pumping expertise, we can provide the most suitable concept and equipment for any cavern storage service.

KNOC - U2 Korea

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Framo scope of delivery: Crude cavern offloading and seepage water pumps.

Statoil - Mongstad Crude Oil Caverns

storage 2
Framo scope of delivery: Crude cavern offloading and seepage water pumps.



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