Fixed offshore production

Total reliability in fixed installations

On an offshore platform, installed in a harsh environment far from land, pump reliability is top priority. Framo pumping systems provide the peace of mind offshore platforms are looking for, along with considerable benefits in terms of space and weight.

Rising to the task offshore

Framo has been a supplier of pumping systems for fixed platforms for many years. Since the first Framo hydraulic fire water pumps were installed on platforms in the late 1970s, we’ve provided successful solutions to customers all over the world.

At the heart of all fixed offshore platforms are a variety of pump types, some located topside, others out of sight in submersible duties. Many operate continuously, such as seawater lift pumps on cooling duty or water injection pumps for maintaining reservoir pressure. Others, such as fire water pumps, run only when needed. In all applications, our compact and lightweight pumping systems have demonstrated excellent performance and flexibility.

We pride ourselves on meeting – and often exceeding – the most rigorous operating requirements of our offshore customers. Efficient designs, engineering precision, manufacturing quality and factory testing are brought together to give customers reliable pumping solutions, notable for their ease of operation, low maintenance and long life.

Statoil - Oseberg A GBS

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water and sea water lift pumps.

Maersk - Volve

Framo scope of delivery: Water injection and Fire water pumps.

Shell - Sakhalin

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water and seawater lift pumps.

Statoil - Gullfaks A GBS

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water pumps.

Statoil - Sleipner field

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water and seawater lift pumps.


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