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Full-scale testing prior to delivery ensures reduced commissioning time and promised product performance.

Health, safety and environment (HSE)

Health and safety are of vital importance to Framo, as is the protection of the environment. Our HSE policy is aligned with both Norwegian and international standards, and we are accredited by DNV in accordance with Environmental Management +System Standard ISO 14001:2015.


Quality assurance (QA)

Framo’s focus on quality extends to all our activities, throughout the product lifetime. Operational experience is fed back into our organization, which supports the continuous improvement of our products and procedures. Our QA system meets the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO-NS 9001:2015 standard, as well as those of ISO 3834-2:2021. Framo is certified by DNV according to these standards and is regularly audited by both DNV and customers. Framo is also a certified manufacturer of explosion proof equipment in compliance with directive 94/9/EC/ATEX and IECEx.

hse 2
QA in practice - measuring tolerances at Framo Flatøy.



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Oil and gas pumping systems

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