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Full-scale testing prior to delivery ensures reduced commissioning time and promised product performance.

Full-scale testing in-house

Before any Framo product is delivered, it undergoes comprehensive testing and quality control. At our own facilities in Norway, in direct connection with our manufacturing, we perform full-scale string testing of Framo pumping systems at rated capacity, pressure and speed. Likewise, we perform extensive qualification testing on critical components.

Testing of a Framo water injection module.

This reduces the commissioning time needed, and it ensures that our products will perform as promised. In the offshore industry, where project schedules are a critical driver, it makes a valuable difference.

Control room at Framo offshore test facility at Framo Flatøy.

testing 3
Topside of one of the three test tanks at Framo offshore test facility.

testing 4
Framo offshore test facility main hall.


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