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Every single day, Framo provides portable pumping systems for operations that require well-proven equipment and highly trained personnel. Most of the customers contacting us do not request a specific pump. They have a problem to solve, and they need assistance.

The diverse range of assignments completed by Framo experts over the years have left us with in-depth knowledge of how to put together the perfect equipment kit for any operation. We can assist you in engineering a package of pumps, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic hoses, cargo hoses and needed accessories. We also offer solutions for heating of cargo and inert gas for tanks.

Framo’s complete pumping solutions are engineered specifically for the job at hand. You can be 100% confident that the equipment will withstand the load to which it is subjected. This is because all equipment is designed, manufactured, and assembled by Framo in accordance with our stringent quality requirements. Hence, our experts have first-hand knowledge of the various elements and how to combine these for an optimum result.

Framo pumping solutions can be assembled for any assignment. Our equipment and our experts are always ready to go. We are trusted with handling highly valuable assets for our customers, and we never leave anything to chance.

Our large equipment pool includes:
•    A variety of pumps
•    A variety of portable diesel and electrical motor hydraulic power units
•    A variety of cargo hoses
•    Bends, reducers, couplings and accessories
•    Hydraulic hoses
•    Diesel fuel tanks
•    Portable cargo heaters and steam coil bundles
•    Portable inert gas generators

Emergency offloading

An explosion in the pump room on board the floating production vessel BW Cidade de São Mateus put the vessel’s offloading pumps out of action. In the tanks were 70,000 m3 of highly valuable condensate that had to be offloaded prior to the vessel going into port for repairs. The operator hired Framo experts and portable Framo pumping systems. In two weeks, the tanks were fully drained and the condensate had been transferred to a tanker via the FPSO’s standard offloading hose.


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