Serving countless needs

Based on Framo’s marine heritage and the challenges of chemical pumping, we perform services today for countless applications that need pumping assistance – on vessels onshore and offshore.

Applications for Framo rental pumping systems include:
•    Salvage offloading and emergency offloading
•    Difficult cargo assistance
•    Booster pumping
•    Molasses stripping/assistance
•    Ballasting/deballasting
•    Inclination testing by ballasting
•    Terminal/refinery storage tank assistance
•    Vessel off-spec fuel de-bunkering
•    Frozen liquid tank heating
•    Shore basin pumping
•    Dry dock pumping assistance
•    Tank cleaning and sludge pumping

Framo values

Framo always endeavours to recover cargo in a manner that ensures it can be used as intended and does not have to be treated as toxic waste upon completion of the assignment. This opportunity to utilize the product, and thus avoid the costs of disposal, translates to significant savings for you.

For commissioning companies, emergency offloading is thankfully not an everyday occurrence. Most of the work for which Framo is contacted leaves enough time for proper planning. However, these assignments also require the correct equipment, the proficiency to consider alternative solutions, and an understanding of the most important factors required to achieve the best possible result.

At Framo, we are committed to:
•    Supplying cost-effective, competitive and reliable solutions in close cooperation with our customers
•    Ensuring that the products and services we deliver are safe and efficient, with minimal environmental impact
•    Ensuring all activities are carried out in safe conditions to protect against personal injury
•    Attaining environmental and ethical standards

Emergency transfer in Poland

When a tank wagon in Poland loaded with coal tar collapsed due to a vacuum inside, it was essential to transfer the cargo to another tank as soon as possible to avoid a potential spill. Within 24 hours, Framo mobilized equipment and personnel to transfer the cargo. The entire operation was executed without any spill, and the entire cargo was saved.


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