All types of cargo

Pumps for any assignment

Framo has personnel and equipment in strategic locations all over the world and can mobilize at very short notice. We have been in charge of operations that were only possible to complete with our systems and expertise, and we have recovered cargos written off as lost by customers. We have drained tanks on vessels listing and vessels about to break apart or sink, and we have recovered cargos congealed in the tank and impossible for standard pumps to handle.

We have equipment for all types of cargoes and liquids, including:
•    Chemicals and acids
•    Crude and oil products
•    Abrasive cargoes and slurries
•    Drilling mud and brines
•    Slop and sludge
•    Viscous and waxy cargoes
•    High-density cargoes
•    Edible cargoes and water
•    Low-flashpoint and poisonous cargoes
•    Heated and cooled cargoes

Listing platform

In 2005, the Thunderhorse platform was abandoned due to an approaching hurricane while still under commissioning. Meanwhile, a leakage flooded one side of the platform, causing it to list heavily. This was observed once the hurricane cleared, and Framo Houston provided 15 pump sets and a team of experts to stop the listing which would have eventually caused the platform to capsize and sink.


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