Tankers with Framo

Tankers with Framo

Framo delivers cargo pumping systems to a wide variety of tankers. Framo cargo pumping solutions mean high vessel utilization, quick cargo unloading, efficient stripping and less slop treatment.

Stainless steel chemical tankers

Stainless steel chemical tankers represent the most sophisticated tankers sailing on the high seas. These ships are constructed with stainless steel cargo tanks, feature a fully segregated cargo pumping arrangement and are designed to carry the most aggressive, corrosive or volatile liquids.

Stainless steel chemical tankers

Chemical and product tankers

Most of the world’s production of vegetable oils, commodity chemicals and refined petroleum products are transported on a large fleet of modern chemical and product tankers. These vessels are typically designed without a pump room and feature coated cargo tanks, six to eight cargo segregations, submerged ballast pumps, in-tank cargo pumps and deck mounted cargo heaters.

Chemical and product oil tankers

Long-range tankers

On long-range tankers, the use of one submerged hydraulically driven cargo pump per tank provides safe segregation between cargoes. Stripping and tank cleaning is quicker for an efficient switch between cargoes that substantially increases the number of ton-miles.

Long-range tankers

Bunker tankers

Bunker tankers have a large number of cargo segregations, equal to that of product and chemical tankers, for the safe handling of multiple fuel grades. New regulations for marine fuel quality require ships to bunker several grades of fuel in order to meet regulatoryrequirements in different emission zones.

OBO and combination carriers

Combination carriers alternating between wet and dry cargoes have a specially designed one-pump-per-hold system that is easy to clean and operate. The cargo pumps are installed in protective enclosed corrugations between the holds, with cargo piping and cargo heaters located on deck.

OBO carriers


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