Teams up to fight plastic in the world oceans

NOSCA Clean Oceans applied to join the Innovasjon Norge Cluster program. We will use 40 years of oil spill experience to fight the plastic in the worlds oceans.

“Framo was instrumental in establishing the interest organisation NOSCA – the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association – in 1993. Now we want to take the expertise in oil spill response a step further,” says Geir Helgesen, Director of Marketing.

The combination of Norwegian oil spill response technology and offshore expertise can help to solve the enormous challenges the world faces in terms of plastics in the sea and water systems.

This is why Framo has taken the initiative for NOSCA’s ‘Clean Oceans’ project and the application for Arena cluster status. Arena comprises cluster projects where companies seek to strengthen their long-term innovation ability through cooperation.

“Together, we have the knowledge and experience to achieve ground-breaking results”, says Helgesen.

The aim of ‘NOSCA Clean Oceans’ is to create a world-leading arena for technology development and solutions in this field. The cluster will work to develop and launch innovative solutions with the aim of developing tools that will retrieve the plastics and convert them into a resource.

“We’ve created many successful solutions over the years, but there have also been times when we’ve failed and had to start again. The sum of this work can now be translated into commercial solutions for collecting marine waste. Cluster status would safeguard financing for the project, so that – to start with – we can employ dedicated staff in Bergen.”


NOSCA Clean Oceans

Geir Helgesen

Marketing and Communication Manager in Framo

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