Rent an expert for high capacity pumping

Framo provided five portable pump sets on location in less than 24 hours.

In December Framo assisted our partner Liquid Transfer Technologies (LTT) with inclination test of platform at Damen Verholme Shipyards in Rotterdam.

- We received the order Wednesday late afternoon and on location with no less than five portable pump sets the next morning for some serious high capacity pumping, says Paul Van den Bergh, Managing Director at Framo Nederland.

Framo offers rental service of pumps, equipments and personell worldwide. Equipment is available in Rotterdam, Houston, Bergen, Singapore, Dubai and Korea. All equipment can be mobilized at the shortest possible notice for both local and remote jobs. In Rotterdam, the equipment was right next door to the yard.

- Most of the customers contacting us do not request a specific pump. They have a problem to solve, and they need assistance. Worldwide availability and 40 years of daily experience, that is why we recommend: Rent an expert.

Framo rental: Rent an Expert.



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