Coming to a screen near you

The pandemic stopped the Training department traveling to deliver in-person teaching. So the instructors switched to digital training, enabling customers to take part wherever they are.

At Framo's offices in Florvåg, the Training department has repurposed the classroom in order to communicate with participants all over the world using a digital platform. A dedicated webinar studio enables the instructors to reach out to customers around the world by making the training more interesting.

"We haven't changed the content, only the way we deliver the training," says Training Manager Gaute Flatøy.

Travel ban

Many Framo employees work internationally, including the team in the Training department. The instructors travel out to ships, shipyards and our course venues in other countries to deliver training. Since March 2020, Covid-related restrictions have made this almost impossible.

"Since our instructors weren't able to travel as usual, we decided to embrace new technology to deliver training. The solutions we arrived at had to meet our need for both theory and practical training, and – most importantly of all – allow dialogue with the participants," Flatøy explains.

Communicate digitally

Delivering webinar-based courses in a professional manner required the instructors to train in using digital tools and practice correct presentation techniques. Framo has also done a significant investment in a dedicated webinar studio. Now, the Training department has run several courses for crews worldwide –even on ships at sea.

"Using digital tools allowed us to maintain the important contact and training with the customers, even though none of us could travel."

Framo Training Department

Gaute Flatøy

Training Manager

Phone: + 47 55 99 92 00