Pumping solutions for sticky situations

Framo have entered long term agreements for discharge assistance with offloading and stripping sugar cane Molasses. 

Molasses is a by-product from the processing of sugar cane, and with a thick, gooey, sticky substance. Framo has supplied the complete package with powerpacks, pumps and cargo hoses for this operation.

“Framo pumps have the ability to pump any type of liquid cargo, no matter how delicate or viscous”, says Paul Van den Bergh, Managing Director in Framo Nederland. 

“Assisting with offloading and stripping of 35000 MT of sugar cane Molasses in both Liverpoool and Foynes for one of our regular customers, was more or less standard work for our Framo TK125 screw pumps. But having long term agreements for discharge assistance helps our customers to get a better price than negotiating every single contract”, says Van den Bergh.

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Framo offers rental services worldwide. The combination of self-developed systems, engineered planning capability, worldwide availability and 40 years of daily experience is why Framo says that you can rent an expert. Customers are backed by Framo’s recognized global, round-the-clock service and support operation.

“Framo's trained operators can help you navigate any pump situation with portable pumping units available to rent worldwide”, says Van den Bergh. 

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