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The Framo advantage

Offshore supply vessels are now offshore support vessels, engaged in a far wider range of operations. For an OSV, Framo pump technology means big advantages.

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OSV cargo pumping

As the demand for chemicals in offshore operations increases, OSVs are evolving from standard supply vessels into smaller chemical tankers...

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Suction anchor installation

For both offshore platforms and the increasing number of offshore wind turbines, well-secured suction anchors are a key to success...

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Emergency offloading

The Framo emergency offloading system (EOS) comprises a range of high-capacity, self-contained pumps and diesel hydraulic units designed to offload any liquid cargo from disabled vessels and platforms.

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Recovering oil where it matters most

The offshore environment is as sensitive as it is unpredictable. In the disastrous event of an oil spill, the oil must be removed quickly and thoroughly – no matter how harsh the prevailing conditions.

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Safe offloading of sunken vessels

A shipwreck poses an imminent risk of an oil spill, no matter it if lies on a reef or settled at the bottom of the sea.

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