Back-to-barge system

Back-to-barge pumping system

The back-to-barge pumping system collects and transports farming losses from the cages to the barge in a fully automated operation. These are pumped from the bottom of the cages through a fully enclosed pipe grid to the service barge or shore base for dewatering, separation, and disposal.

The back-to-barge system consists of one or two main pipelines from the cages to the de-waterer on the barge or onshore. The distance can vary from 30 to 600M depending on the site layout.

The system provides effective and efficient collection and transportation of farming losses waste in an automated enclosed system. It replaces the need for manual collection and handling, reduces health and safety risks for farmers, and allows for removal in all weather conditions. The operation can be automated with timers and remote controls.

The waste-removal system provides a solution that minimizes the environmental impact of operations, promotes better fish health, optimizes water quality through effective waste removal, and reduced the need for boat-to-cage collection.

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