Retrofitting existing cages

Framo AquaStream is designed to help improve fish welfare, increase growth and reduce mortality in fish farms.

The central idea behind Framo’s AquaStream pumping system was that the best solutions are those that copy nature. By pumping up large amounts of fresh water in the fish farm, we can recreate the stream conditions that salmon experience in the wild. The pump maintains the proper flow, oxygen levels and temperature in the water, which remains free from lice and algae.

Lice skirts cover the cage

The lice skirts submerged to cover the cage sides keep salmon lice at bay, but can impair water circulation and reduce oxygen content in the water. The deeper the lice skirts are submerged, the higher the reduction in water circulation. This may result in lower intake of feed and higher fish mortality, with potentially significant financial losses for the fish farmers.

Fresh water from the deep

The Framo AquaStream pump system is installed in the middle of the cage and pumps water directly up from depths of 20-25 metres – below the water layers where salmon lice and algae are found. This fresh, oxygen-rich water is pumped up into the cages and creates circulation for the whole water column inside the installation. No other system can currently provide such capacity.

Constant temperature

The Framo AquaStream system is perfect for calm, hot summer days and when the oxygen level drops below the threshold for fish welfare in the winter. During the winter, when the water temperature falls close to zero degrees, the fish practically stop eating, and growth is very limited. By adding oxygen-rich water at a stable temperature of seven to eight degrees, the fish have a better appetite and we see a radical improvement in growth.


The Framo advantages:

  • Framo has a world wide organization. Framo has its head office in Bergen, facilities in Fusa, Flatøy and Holsnøy, in addition to eight service stations on three different continents.
  • All Framo products and solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers.
  • As a system provider, Framo also delivers a control system with the pumps. We have limitless capacity control with local frequency converters, central steering units that can be connected to other steering systems.  
  • Framo has comprehensive systems and routines for digital control and remote monitoring. This can help you ensure maximum uptime and security to safeguard the quality of your salmon farm.
  • Framo AS is part of the Alfa Laval group, and Bergen is the head office for marine pump systems. Framo AS sells and carries out maintenance of all Framo products.

Aquaculture solutions

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