Training Certificate


  • Training Certificate

    • For all three day courses with hands-on training, i.e. at our training centres world wide, in Athens and on board/ at yard, we will issue a Framo Training Certificate, valid for five years.
    • Training Diploma is issued to all participants at all training courses.
    • Framo Training Certificates have proven very useful for vessels and crew for proving Framo Experience both for vessel qualifications and vetting inspections.


    In order to renew the Framo Training certification, you can register for a Framo refresher training course.Conducting retraining to refresh knowledge and cover new topics is essential to be compliant with the requirements needed to handle Framo pumping solutions. 

    Benefits of Refresher Training
    Refresher training for employees can benefit an organization in several ways. Some direct advantages include:

    • Increased efficiency
    • Reduced mistakes
    • Fostering a culture of continuous learning
    • Keeping employees safe in the workplace
    • Helping to identify training needs and skills gaps
    • Increased employee retention (less turnover/churn)
    • Increased awareness of new products and technical information



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