Onboard training

Onboard coursing is training specific to your equipment, which can be arranged when your vessel is docked at a shipyard or when sailing between ports.

Onboard training is typically 3 to 5 days. These courses include a pre-docking inspection and a technical report that is issued along with a hydraulic oil sample analysis report.

On Board Training
Particularly good results have been achieved by On Board Training, where an experienced person from Framo Training Team will especially highlight the following subjects:
• Theoretical and practical instruction of the ship’s staff
• Operation, Cargo handling, Cargo pump’s performance curves
• Supervise system adjustment
• Supervise disassembling of cargo pump and check that necessary special tools exist on board
• Check filter box, hydr. oil tank and storage tank and bring ashore hydr. oil samples for analysis
• Evaluation of hydraulic system and cargo pumps (Technical Report)
• After the course is completed, a Condition Report will be sent to the ship and owner

Training on board a vessel or platform:

  • Standard training rates: See dates & rates
  • Contact: + 47 55 99 92 00 / trainingcourse@framo.no
  • Includes: One instructor and all training materials. Onboard trainings are available for 3-5 days, and travel days to and from the location will be included in the final cost. Travel, board and lodging for instructions will be charged at cost.


Training Certificate

  • For all three day courses with hands-on training, i.e. at our training centres world wide, in Athens and on board/ at yard, we will issue a Framo Training Certificate, valid for five years.
  • Training Diploma is issued to all participants at all training courses.
  • Framo Training Certificates have proven very useful for vessels and crew for proving Framo Experience both for vessel qualifications and vetting inspections.


Join Framo Training Courses

Phone: + 47 55 99 92 00

E-mail: trainingcourse@framo.no