Framo Training
- a good investment

Framo Training Course has been proven as a good investment by safer and more efficient cargo handling, quicker turnover and reduced maintenance and operation costs. 


Framo standard training seminars in Operations and Maintenance cover:  

  • Correct operation during discharging, stripping, tank washing and cargo heating.
  • Trouble shooting and maintenance of the main components in the system
  • "Hands-on" training on main components, such as: Cargo pumps, control valves, relief valves, etc

Framo training team arranges courses at:

  • Framo Training Center, Bergen, Norway
  • Framo offices world wide: Houston, Rotterdam, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Dubai and China
  • On board training - Framo instructors riding the ship for 3 - 5 days
  • The yard/ in your office / job location - world wide



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