Framo LiftUP spare parts

lay-flat hose

Extra strong PVC-hose with
woven Polyester reinforcement.

Recommended for high energy sites.

For optimal durability mount
the pipe-buoy as per our installation manual.

Supplied in rolls of 30, 50 and 100M


PVC-hose with woven Polyester
reinforcement, certified for
up to 3bar pressure.

For optimal durability
mount the pipe-buoy as per
our installation manual.

Supplied in rolls of 30, 40, 50, 60

Spiral slange
ekstra sterk

8" Spiral slange Lift Up ekstra sterk.
6m. Levert med hurtig kobling og

Supplied in lengths of 3, 6 and 10M

spiral hose

UV-reinforced spiral hose
in lengths of 3, 6 and 10M

Supplied in lengths of 3, 6 and

8" Lift Up
albue kurvet

Photo 2

8" Lift Up albue kurvet,
tilpasset bruk på rekkverk,
peker ned mot rist på merd ,
sveist i PE plast

8" Lift Up
albue rett

Photo 2

8" or 10" for mounting on
hand-rails up to 160mm diameter.
Can be used instead of spiral
toppers and in combination
with quick connectors.
Can be made to customer´s


Photo 2

8" and 10" for use with
camel-hump on hand-rail.
For use between camel-hump and
dewaterer on service boat

Hose clamps

Photo 2

8″ and 10″ hose clamps

PVC luftslange

Photo 2

3/4" Lift Up luftslange pvc
leveres i alle lengder
opp til 70m.

HDPE Air-hose

For transport of air from
compressor on barge to cages.
Dimensions vary with distance
from barge to cages


Photo 2

Lift Up HD Tape
50mm bred.
Beregnet for bruk
Framo LiftUP system.

Lift Up fuggerflex

Photo 2

Lim for bruk til
skjøting av
Framo LiftUP system.

Framo LiftUP Pipe buoy

Photo 2

Keeps the hose vertical
and open for better suction
and longer lifetime.

Framo LiftUP caps

Photo 2

The LiftUP Caps is made
for the modell L and XL.
It improves the suction
with as much as 50% around
the opening.
The LiftUP Caps is
preassembled for all new
cones and is easy to retrofit.


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