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Framo do Brasil Ltda

Framo do Brasil Ltda works to deliver superior service to our customers in the Framo marine and offshore segment. The team in Rio de Janeiro is here to provide our customers the “Framo experience”. Your pumps, our specialty. Our support and guidance; your vessels’ optimal performance. 

Framo do Brasil Ltda organization includes the Spare Parts department and the Service department.

Spare parts department handling all spare parts requests for standard Framo cargo pump and system parts, with response within one working day.

Service department is rendering services such as field and in-house service, oil monitoring and inspection activity, hydraulic piping activity and portable pump rental activity.


In Rio de Janeiro we have:

  • Sales personell
  • Qualified service engineers and technicians
  • Phone and E-mail support
  • Workshops with service and repair facilities


Framo do Brasil Ltda can offer:

  • Service assistance
  • Evaluation of maintenance routines
  • Onboard inspections (pre docking, annual)


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Framo do Brasil Ltda

Rua Gerson Ferreira, 61 - lote 56, CEP 21030-151 Ramos - Rio de Janeiro - RJ BRASIL

Phone: +55 21 25 07 78 98


Thiago Dantas Pimenta

Managing Director

Phone: +55 21998790370


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