Framo Innovation

Framo Innovation 

Since the early 1960s, Framo have been pushing boundaries both in the marine sector and in oil and gas by developing our own pumping systems. Framo Innovation has been created to push even further.

Framo Innovation develops tomorrow’s products and solutions, building on today’s pump technologies and the considerable know-how in the Alfa Laval Group.

We have a fully integrated company securing testing, developing and quality for all new business areas.

  • Framo Innovation focus on and can offer:
  • • New solutions for aquaculture
  • • Renewable energy
  • • Digitalization
  • • Framo Innovation Centre and test lab
  • • Manufacturing and assembling of systems at our own specialised plants in Norway
  • • In-house test facilities for prototypes and extensive testing of all systems prior to delivery
  • • Framo Holodeck
  • • Training facilities
  • • Dedicated after-sales service

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Framo Innovation

P.O. Box 39 Florvågvegen 39 NO-5329 FLORVÅG Norway

Phone: + 47 55 99 90 00


Framo Aquaculture

Terje Ljones

Director Aquaculture

Phone: +47 92 84 61 67


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