Framo LiftUP has developed a new and safe method for installing and removing LiftUP collectors from the cage. The system is made up of an air-bag, twin air-hose and a small panel with a 3-way valve for controlling the air.

Using the air-bag secures installation and removal of the collector from the center of the cage-net without contact with the net and with a lift capacity equal to the weight of the collector.

Operator installing his LiftUP with air-bag

Air-control to and from the air-bag

800KG collector with air-bag ready for installation


William Lindborg

Sales and Marketing Engineer

Phone: +47 92 23 26 62


Jarle Ragnhildstveit

Product Developer

Phone: +47 97 71 17 19


Ole Kristian Skåtun

Mort Pumps Sales

Phone: +47 91 56 91 50


Magnus Holmefjord

General Manager

Phone: +47 55 99 97 67


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