Sustainable aquaculture

Aquaculture represents the future of commercial fishing. In Norway alone, experts anticipate that the industry will grow by five times within the next 30 years.

To support that rapid growth, the development of new technologies is critical. Salmon lice, a variety of illnesses, algae problems and waste are among the many challenges that today’s fish farms have to address.

The future of aquaculture will likely include both closed and semi-closed farms at sea as well as closed farms on land. Pumping incredibly large volumes of water is necessary for each one of these alternatives, and this is where we at Framo can support you.

Framo pumping systems can also close existing cages without the need of building new fish farms.


The Framo advantages:

  • Framo has a world wide organization. Framo has its head office in Bergen, facilities in Fusa, Flatøy and Holsnøy, in addition to eight service stations on three different continents.
  • All Framo products and solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers.
  • As a system provider, Framo also delivers a control system with the pumps. We have limitless capacity control with local frequency converters, central steering units that can be connected to other steering systems.  
  • Framo has comprehensive systems and routines for digital control and remote monitoring. This can help you ensure maximum uptime and security to safeguard the quality of your salmon farm.
  • Framo AS is part of the Alfa Laval group, and Bergen is the head office for marine pump systems. Framo AS sells and carries out maintenance of all Framo products.

Aquaculture solutions

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Sales Manager

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